What is the YAB?

The Broadland Youth Advisory Board (YAB) was created by Norfolk County Council in 2012 to help give young people, aged 11-19, a voice in their community. Having a voice means young people are involved in decision making about things that affect them enabling them to feel positive about where they live.

The YAB is made up of two panels, one exclusively for young people (known as Young Commissioners) and the other for young people and professionals to come together to discuss their experiences and opinions of youth provision in the local community. The YAB team commission new youth projects, monitor the progress of existing youth projects, accept or decline small grant applications, give advice to board members and external companies, promote Broadland YAB and envisage new ideas to support, engage and involve young people in the community.

Any young person who lives or goes to school in Broadland is invited to get involved in the YAB by becoming a Young Commissioner.

The Broadland YAB has a designated youth worker to keep everything ticking. The youth worker will facilitate the monthly meetings, any activities and support all Young Commissioners to have their say.

More than just Broadland!

The YAB is not just a Broadland project – there are YABs across all of Norfolk! For more information about the other YABs, click the button!