What is a Young Commissioner?

What does a Young Commissioner do?

Without our Young Commissioners, the YAB could not exist. The YAB is young person led, supported by adults. Young Commissioners look at research and have discussions to help decide what the top issues for their peers are and design new projects to help improve and shape local services.

Young Commissioners make decisions on how to spend the YAB’s money, offering funding to grant applications (link) and larger projects. They also play a role in making sure that youth activities and services in the area are the best they can be by making inspections and producing short reports.

The youth panel meet every few weeks to discuss grant applications, ongoing projects and anything else topical. These meetings are relaxed and fun, they include games and usually have enough food to feed a small army!

As well as our regular meetings, the YAB have a Young Commissioner development program to help young people develop the skills they need to become a Young Commissioner.  These skills will come in handy outside of the YAB too. We regularly do fun activities, trips and once a year aim to stay away overnight with 2 days of activities and learning.

Why should I become a Young Commissioner?

Being a Young Commissioner gives you and other young people a real voice in your community. The YAB is your chance to tell adults what you need and what needs to be put into your area to help young people like you.

Not only does being a Young Commissioner offer you the chance to truly have your say, but you can have the opportunity to boost your skills. We offer training in all sorts of areas including first aid, communication and evaluation and we are always looking for new ideas for training. These new skills and your role as a Young Commissioner not only improve your abilities but also look great on your CV or university application.

But don’t just take our word for it – find out what our Young Commissioners have to say by watching our video.

This video was made in Spring 2016 by the wonderful and talented Sarah at Broadland District Council

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