How to become a Young Commissioner

Just fill in the form or call 07341 774679 with details of where you live and what school you go to and we’ll give you information about our next meeting.  It is entirely FREE to become a Young Commissioner and we even pay for your taxi fares to and from meetings and other YAB events.

You’re welcome to come along to a meeting to see how the YAB works without committing yourself to a new role.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Broadland Youth Advisory Board (YAB)?

The Broadland Youth Advisory Board (YAB) was created by Norfolk County Council in 2012 to help give young people, (aged 11-19 and up to age 25 with a disability), a voice in their community. Having a voice means young people are involved in decision making about things that affect them enabling them to feel positive about where they live.

The YAB is made up of two panels, one exclusively for young people (known as Young Commissioners) and the other for young people and professionals to come together to discuss their experiences and opinions of youth provision in the local community.

The YAB team; create and fund new youth projects, monitor the progress of existing projects, discuss grant applications, give advice and feedback about services for young people, promote the Broadland YAB and envisage new ideas to support, engage and involve young people in the community.

What is a Young Commissioner?

Young Commissioners make decisions on how to spend the YAB’s money, offering funding to grant applications and larger projects. They also play a role in making sure that youth activities and services in the area are the best they can be by making inspections and producing short reports. These monthly meetings are relaxed and fun, they include games and usually have enough food to feed a small army! Without our Young Commissioners, the YAB could not exist. The YAB is young person led, supported by adults.

What do I need to be to be a Young Commissioner for the Broadland YAB?

Any young person who lives or goes to school in Broadland is invited to get involved in the YAB by becoming a Young Commissioner. You must be passionate about improving services in your area and willing to attend the majority of the monthly meetings and other occasional events throughout the year.

What will I gain from being a Young Commissioner?

Being a Young Commissioner gives you and other young people a real voice in your community. The YAB is your chance to tell adults what you need and what needs to be put into your area to help young people like you.

Not only does being a Young Commissioner offer you the chance to truly have your say, but you will also have the opportunity to boost your skills. We offer training in all sorts of areas including first aid and confidence building, we are always looking for new ideas too. These new skills and your role as a Young Commissioner not only improve your abilities but also look great on your CV or college/university application.

As a parent/guardian, what can I expect for my child?

The Broadland YAB has a lead worker and Youth Workers running Young Commissioners meetings, employed by local youth provider Map. They are skilled Youth Workers aiming to deliver fun and vibrant sessions to find out what matters to young people. Taxis are provided to collect and return young people to attend the monthly meetings alongside any events throughout the year.

If you would like to speak to someone about the Broadland YAB, please contact:

Emma Rush,
Senior Youth and Community Worker on
07341 774679 or

Apply to be a Broadland YAB Young Commissioner

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