Going back to school after a long summer can be difficult. Adjusting to having less free time, dealing with school-work stress, all while trying to manage your personal life is always challenging, so we’ve put together 5 tips to help you make the best of the school year!

#1  Never be afraid to ask for help

Far too often we keep questions to ourselves to avoid looking ‘stupid’, however in reality asking those questions is what is going to help you avoid this. Asking is a lot quicker and easier than trying to work it out yourself, not to mention it will help you fill in the gaps in your learning so you can get ahead!

#2  Stay organised

This is an essential skill, and covers a wide range of things including keeping notes neat and together so you don’t have to waste valuable studying time writing more, making sure your bag is packed the night before so that you don’t end up late to school and keeping track of what homework you have so that you don’t miss any important tasks. Organisation is a great way to ensure success and will make life so much easier.

#3  Do homework early – and do the hardest first

Having homework done early is great feeling, reducing your stress and ensuring you can put the time in to finish it to a good standard. My best advice for this is to sit down immediately after getting home, before getting your phone out and just blocking out some time to get started. Doing this, especially if you choose the hardest piece first will make you feel as if you have a head start and your homework won’t feel like such a big mountain

#4  Work at a steady pace year round

It doesn’t have to be a lot but you will find that little bit of extra work goes a long way. Just making sure you’ve looked at topics for some time after doing them in class will really give you the edge when it comes to exam time and will make a dent on the daunting task of revision.

#5  Don’t work too hard

This may be a surprising tip but truly more work does not always equal more success. Remember the phrase ‘work smarter not harder’, and use all these tips to help you strike a good school/life balance. That still means working on school work at home, but using time effectively so that you can factor in things into your day such as hobbies, family and friends, and also just chill time to sit back and play xbox or watch youtube. And of course not allowing work to eat into your sleep schedule so you can stay well rested!

Hopefully these tips help you a little with the transition back to school. If you would like more info have a look at the childline website which offers even more advice.